Session Pricing


My pricing is based on an “all-inclusive package”.  This means that once a session price has been agreed-on, there are no add-on fees, hidden fees, or additional charges after the session is complete.  The total session price charged covers the photo session, all post-processing and photo editing, and all final images posted to an online gallery for downloading.


At this point, my primary enjoyment is:





For a Family (or Couples) photoshoot, an outdoor location is preferred, but I also have the means and the equipment to set-up indoors too.   A session typically lasts 45 minutes to 1-hour, and is done at one location¹.


During the session, minimal formal posing is done, as my photos revolve more around the “capture the moment” philosophy.  As demonstrated in some of my sample images in the ‘Galleries’ section, I prefer to have the family engage with one another and have fun…  and I’ll try to capture that fun, as it’s happening, in a photo!


The all-inclusive package cost for a Family (or Couples) photoshoot as described above is $125.00.  Typically, for these types of sessions, there will be a total of 25-30 final images posted to the online gallery, which will be yours to keep.



I’m also happy to capture your next:







For these types of events, I’ll be on-location for roughly 2-3 hours, capturing as much of the fun as I can possibly grab.  After editing and post-processing, there will typically be 50-75+ images available for viewing, downloading, sharing, and posting as you wish!  The all-inclusive package charge for this type of photoshoot is $300.00.



* At this point in my business, I’m not yet interested in capturing those major “once in a lifetime” events, like weddings or sacred religious events (baptisms, first holy communion, bar/bat mitzvahs, etc.)   Maybe someday… just not yet…



¹ If two or more separate locations are desired, this can be arranged for an added nominal fee.

  • Family Outings (reunions, picnics, parties)
  • Club Get-togethers (scouting events, BBQ’s)
  • Corporate Gatherings (golf tournaments, team building, dinners)
  • Sporting Events (youth sports, player/team photos)
  • Family Photography
  • Couples Photography (including engagement and maternity)
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