A Little About Me

I was introduced to photography a little over 30 years ago, when I took a very simple one-day photography class during a school retreat.  It sparked my interest, and I’ve been “dabbling” in the art ever since.


A number of years ago, I decided that I wanted to get more serious into making photography a hobby of mine.  I took an “Introduction to Photography” class at Dutchess Community College, and really enjoyed applying my new skills into taking better photos.


A few years ago, as I recognized that my passion for photography continued, I decided to enroll in a few online courses to enhance my abilities as a photographer.  Completing these courses gave me a much wider overview of how to take great photos, and I then began to think about making this a side part-time business.


So in January of 2019, I officially launched “Steve Tuttle Photography”, and since then I’ve been attempting to slowly grow my business, while continuing to have fun and learn all that I can about snapping great photos.


My philosophy is that good photography is all about “Capturing the Moment!”


I’m a Nikon fan.


I’ve used Nikon cameras for my entire life.


30+ years ago, I started out using a 1977 Nikon EM 35mm film camera, learning the basics of photography, all while being limited to 24 exposures per roll of film.


Then the blessed “digital-camera era” was born, and for many years I carried around a Nikon Coolpix P520 compact digital camera.


As I began to make photography into a hobby, I purchased a Nikon D3300 crop-sensor camera kit, with 18-55mm and 55-200mm lenses, and used that for many years, capturing some pretty awesome photos.


As I continued to learn more and more about photography, I added some additional wide-angle and telephoto lenses to my collection.  The D3300 still serves as my backup camera today.


But as I decided to formulate my photography side-business, it was time to move-up to a better quality and better featured DSLR camera.  So, in the Spring of 2019, I purchased a Nikon D750 full-frame camera, and I love every minute that I’m using it.  After acquiring a couple of prime lenses to add to my collection, I’m very happy with my current inventory.


As my business grows, (and as the wife allows) I plan to continue to expand my equipment to better serve my clients in whatever type of photos they’re looking for, so stay tuned…

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